Friday, 26 March 2010

Good v Bad

What a treat - I have three whole days ahead of me, with no work getting in the way of any of them. Although I was given some good advice from a colleague yesterday: If you are feeling cheesed off with your current situation, write down five good things that happened to you each day. That could be a stretch. Let's see, yesterday's...

Good things
Daisies have mysteriously popped up across the Common. I initially tutted at the sight of them, presuming they were bits of polystyrene that had blown out of a skip. Reminder: must try out contact lenses.

Had lunch with co-worker/mentor at posh Kensington restaurant. Restaurant has flamingos in the garden and fish in the toilets. Did not have to pay.

Pointed out a potentially embarrassing error and was told by a frosty boss, some would say my biggest critic: 'Good spot'. I beam, quietly.

And to even things out, yesterday's...

Bad things
Receive letter from job in the north telling me I did not get job in north. And despite eight-hour round-trip and £70 spent on trains: 'there were too many applicants to give individual feedback'. How rude!

Shuffling about due to post-jog leg ache.

Have large spot on chin. Could this be spot boss was talking about?

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