Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Hair majesty

I do not accept that a haircut should cost £70, even if it is with a 'senior stylist' or 'artistic director'. That is why I sought out Mr Choppers when I first moved here, where haircuts are £6. There, I got an OK, no nonsense cut, and the hairdresser was thrilled to be chopping a girl's hair for the first time in months.

Things have improved since then. I have discovered Vidal Sasson academies on Knightsbridge and Bond St. Signature haircuts are £12 (£4 if you have a Metro voucher, or free if you are 'chosen' for the super academy... or collect three stamps). As long as you have three hours to spare in the week (a minor perk of late shifts) you can get the Rosemary's Baby look for next to nothing.

I normally hate going to the hairdresser's because of all that forced jibber jabber. But there's none of that at VS school, because the students can barely speak English. Hurrah! Today there were Japanese, Indian and Russian trainee stylists. It was as if Brad and Angelina's children had set up a salon. They were all painfully trendy, wearing low-slung holsters over their skinny hips, but with clips and combs in them instead of Smith & Wessons. They are guided through the complicated cutting process by an expert, who is usually called Dove or Pink and wears shiny trainers and a scarf with tassels.

What's more, because I am one of the few customers there under 60, I am a wanted scalp. It is a nice feeling.

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